Case Studies
Case Studies

Case Study 8

Practice Inception date - February 2017

Defend Marketing Strategy Implementation - September 2017

Case Study 8 launched as a sole practitioner in February 2017 using a conventional marketing strategy including digital and print with some basic promotion, consistent with other similarly situated attorneys in the marketing area.

As shown in the chart below "Annual Revenue", after implementation of the Defend Marketing Strategy, the practice enjoyed a 112% increase in annual revenue year over year from 2017 to 2018. The total of new cases also rose 89% during the same period.

Annual Revenue

The key drivers for this improvement were an increase in call volume to the practice by new prospective clients, up 39% year over year, which resulted in new cases, up 89% year of year.

Average Call Volume Per Month

New Cases

The charts below show other key business measurement metrics from the inception of the practice until YTD (August 2020). Average revenue per month is up 42% year over year, 2017 - 2018 and average fee per case is up 12%.

Average Revenue Per Month

Average Fee Per Case

Most importantly, the charts all show this as a sustainable business strategy and all key metrics show steady increase year over year.