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Let's face it, most lawyers are lawyers because that's what they're good at doing. Legal services marketing, especially for the Criminal Defense attorney is an entirely different discipline. Most lawyers are in unfamiliar – and uncomfortable – territory when it comes to marketing their law firms.


The operative word in that statement is "most" because the Defend Marketing method for Criminal Defense lawyers was developed by a criminal defense lawyer with an extensive, successful background in sports marketing.

Jeff Higgins started Daytona Defense in 2017, and quickly realized that his success would hinge on the ability to market his services more effectively and more efficiently than his competition. After all, other better-known lawyers had been in the market for decades and had huge advantages over him based on name recognition. Jeff needed an edge that the other lawyers didn’t have.

In response, Jeff developed the Defend Marketing system and the approach quickly paid dividends. Just over a year after launching Daytona Defense, Jeff was the busiest solo criminal defense attorney in Volusia County, Florida. Financially, Daytona Defense out-paced projections by over 35% in 2017, doubled its bookings in 2018, and in 2019 is on pace to secure nearly $1 million in business – all while remaining a one-attorney practice.

Now, through Defend Marketing, we are sharing this approach with other lawyers to help them achieve that same kind of exponential growth and financial success.

So whether you are overwhelmed by the details of marketing your business & want a stress-free way to maintain your current caseload, or prefer to take a more aggressive approach to becoming the high-earning force that you’ve always dreamed of being, Defend Marketing’s solutions can strengthen your business while you focus on your main priorities – defending the rights of your clients & enjoying your life.

With opportunities in dozens of markets throughout the United States, chances are Defend Marketing has an opportunity for you. Contact us today!

What We Offer

Other legal marketing companies typically promote a one-dimensional, scattershot approach to every lawyer in your market. Maybe they propose including you on a list with every other lawyer in town, or offer you a subscription for referrals that get sent to multiple attorneys at the same time – who then all race to make the call and offer the lowest rate.

Marketing Disciplines

How are you supposed to gain an edge – and separate yourself from the pack – if you’re doing the exact same thing as your competitors?

That’s where Defend Marketing comes in. We offer something different. We provide that edge.


Using a multi-dimensional approach that has minimized the inefficiencies of mainstream legal marketing, we give you tools your competitors don’t have & enable you to do things they can’t do – all with the goal of helping you build your business the way you want.

Defend Marketing’s turn-key system will give you an identifiable brand, ensure your brand is highly visible, and use specifically targeted calls to action to convert that brand strength into paying clients. You won’t chase the clients . . . they will come to you.

But don’t be misled, the Defend Marketing system isn’t a magic pill or silver bullet. Instead, it is a carefully crafted plan built on marketing & branding principles long ignored by the legal profession. In addition, the strategy is continuously streamlined using ongoing, objective analysis of the results. In that way, the Defend Marketing approach is always evolving to keep you at the front of the pack.


Defend Marketing’s plan has already produced staggering results. Attorney Jeff Higgins, who used this approach to launch Daytona Defense in February 2017, has seen major increases in business each year, and is currently on pace to book nearly $1 million in business in 2019—all while remaining a sole practitioner.

Call volume has increased by 43% and Jeff has the freedom to choose the cases he wants to work.


We urge you to act quickly. The Defend Marketing system is 100% exclusive. Once we have partnered with a Criminal Defense Attorney in your market, we won't partner with any other firm.

You don’t want to be left out of this conversation.

Being in the legal profession and defending people accused of a crime can be a rewarding endeavor. But at the end of the day, a law practice is a business. It needs clients and revenue to survive. Defend Marketing can help you secure those clients and earn that revenue.

Find out more about this results-driven approach by contacting us today.


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