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Let's face it, most lawyers are lawyers because that's what they're good at doing. Legal services marketing is an entirely different discipline. Most lawyers are in unfamiliar – and uncomfortable – territory when it comes to marketing their law firms.


The operative word in that statement is "most" because the Defend Marketing method was developed by a criminal defense lawyer with an extensive, successful background in sports marketing.

Jeff Higgins started Daytona Defense in 2017, and quickly realized that his success would hinge on the ability to market his services more effectively and more efficiently than his competition. After all, other better-known lawyers had been in the market for decades and had huge advantages over him based on name recognition. Jeff needed an edge that the other lawyers didn’t have.

In response, Jeff developed the Defend Marketing system and the approach quickly paid dividends. Just over a year after launching Daytona Defense, Jeff was the busiest solo criminal defense attorney in Volusia County, Florida. Financially, Daytona Defense out-paced projections by over 35% in 2017, doubled its bookings in 2018, and in 2019 is on pace to secure nearly $1 million in business – all while remaining a one-attorney practice.

Now, through Defend Marketing, we are sharing this approach with other lawyers to help them achieve that same kind of exponential growth and financial success.

So whether you are overwhelmed by the details of marketing your business & want a stress-free way to maintain your current caseload, or prefer to take a more aggressive approach to becoming the high-earning force that you’ve always dreamed of being, Defend Marketing’s solutions can strengthen your business while you focus on your main priorities – defending the rights of your clients & enjoying your life.

With opportunities in dozens of markets throughout the United States, chances are Defend Marketing has an opportunity for you. Contact us today!

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